7/100 – Jubilee Park Pool

While working in Lincoln, I managed to find time to drive out to Jubilee Park Pool at Woodhall spa for a swim. It is set in a caravan park, but is open to the public, and heated too. The day was pretty grey, though the temperature wasn’t enough to make you shiver before you got in the water.

When we arrived it was fairly quiet, just a man splashing about and a lady doing lengths in the one lane. It felt like a bit of a cheat for an outside swim, as it was heated to 29 degrees! All around the pool were trees and the grounds immediately surrounding it were well cared for. A small kids pool was covered over, though I’m sure it’s booming in hot weather.

By the time we got out, the pool was getting busy, and it was becoming harder to swim a length in a straight line. The best thing about cold weather and warm water is the steam that rises off the surface like smoke. It doesn’t often show up in photographs, but it’s magical to swim through.

I’m doing this for the Alzheimer’s Society.

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