55 – Paxos

Paxos is an island a boat ride away from Corfu. Pushing out over the wide blue ocean past the fort of Corfu town and the early morning swimmers at Mon Repos, with the wind sending hats flying and the boat churning the water into whiteness is a beautiful way to spend the morning. Paxos, when we arrive, has a harbour of stunningly blue water dotted with bobbing boats and a group of low slung white washed houses and shops lining the waterfront.


The town is relaxed and friendly. The cliffs we saw on the way in – great twists of sandstone like sculptures springing from the sea – rise behind it and you get the sense that so much of this island is undeveloped. The beach is a rocky cove of large white pebbles and the water is clear, the aqua shading deeper and more vivid as the depth increases.


With goggles on, I can see for miles underwater. It’s warm and the sun sparkles on the surface and filters through right down to the sand. We don’t have too long before having to catch our return boat, but just spending a little time wallowing in the beautiful water is fulfilling, even if we do return to the boat much damper and saltier than we started!


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