60 – Drastis, Corfu

The road down to the ocean is steep and we park the car halfway up rather than try to force it to splutter its way back up the incline. The view on the walk down is incredible – aqua blue sea, green topped mountains and sand stone curves that jut from the sea like teeth. It is breathtaking.


Drastis is a different kind of beach. Theres no sand, just shelving cream stone hollowed into shelves by the wind and rain and waves. The water, when you launch yourself off, is instantly deep, clear and lively and foaming. Beneath the surface you can see for miles. Waves suck into the inlet of the rock and out again, gently seething.


Cliffs tower up overhead, a calm and peaceful sandy colour. People lie themselves along the rock on their towels to sunbathe. From the water they all seem far away, but the majesty of the towering landscape is not lost – it is enhanced. It makes you feel small. These rocks have been carved by the elements over years. We, splashing through the vivid blue, are so short lived in comparison. The water is salty and I’m naturally buoyant in it. I keep pushing my head down under the water to look at the view no one on land can see – the sandstone driving down toward the seabed, the waves washing light filtering, the blue that goes on and on and on.

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