53 – Porto Timoni, Afionas, Corfu

It’s a dusty hike down to the twin beaches of Afionas. From the top of the cliffs you can see turquoise water and stretches of white sand, the long sun-bedded beach at first and then as we get further out along the promontory, perfect crescents at the bottom of golden rocks, completely inaccessible except from the water.

When we first see it we stop to take a hundred photos. Two bays, back to back, beautiful creamy sand, water that shades from aqua to cerulean, and a third bay linked by a stretch of green. It looks like something from a film.

The beach isn’t too busy yet and straight away I get in the water – perfect, crystal water – and set out to swim to the further bay. The water is transparent and I can see right down to the rocks below, tony glinting fish flashing below me. The other beach has only one couple on it. I paddle through the rock pools and float on the shallows, letting the gentle waves sway me around, moving with my hands on the stones and the rest of me hovering on the surface.

It is so quiet here, away from everyone, nothing but blue water and sun-crisped shingle to look at as you drift.

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